The Operation

The Operation: 4
The robot girl awakes!

So was tending my Japanese Garden in the Second Life region of Albion when I was surprised to find a young man bringing a beautiful robot girl to life on my wooden deck.

The Operation: 1
I stumble upon the operation

The operation was a complex one. It took a long time and involved many false starts and moments of frustration. We drunk a lot of coffee. There was pacing. And balling of fists skyward in frustration.

The Operation: 2
The procedure takes time
The Operation: 3
At last, she lives

But in the end she lived.

I watched them disappear into the velvet dusk of Second Life's endless summer and wondered what it would be like if one day, I woke up to find that someone had recreated me in the image of their ideal girl.

By degrees, I fell asleep.

When I woke I was back in the real world. The memory of this strange evening will always remain with me.

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