Worst. Machinima. Ever.

I cannot see - bad machinima

A machinima video for my band's song "I Cannot See" shot in Second Life. Probably the worst machinima ever made. Shot and edited with no conscious effort whatsoever! No wonder Kisa looks unimpressed.

If you can make better machinima and want to shoot a Second Life video for Deathline, give me a shout! We play the SLCC in Chicago this August and it would be nice to have something by then!

» Visit Deathline's home in Second Life!

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Deathline in Second Life

Deathline in Second Life
Deathline in Second Life
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Worst nightmare

I know this has become more of a Deathline and Second Life blog rather than a tranny blog of late and I make no apologies for that, even though the comments dry up like the Los Angeles river whenever I write about either of those subjects.

Well, dear reader uninterested in either topic, welcome to your worst nightmare, because, guess which band is going to be playing at the Second Life Community Convention in Chicago this August....?

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FREE gig tonight (Wed 15 March)!

Deathline - Summer, Night, City
Deathline, Soho 2006

This photo was taken by Johanna on Jennie's cameraphone last summer. We were a bit drunk and so was the camera.

Deathline play a free gig tonight at the Living Bar in Brixton, London. More details here.

(PS) Lil Red RIP

We frequented you. Now you are gone. We miss you. The end.

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Carling Academy Islington, Wed 7 March - SOLD OUT

Deathline next gig - Wed 7 March at Carling Academy Islington (SOLD OUT) Sorry, unless you have tickets to this one you can't come. It sold out a long time ago. Hopefully there will be some pics from it later this week.

If you do have tickets we're on first at the extremely early time of 7.30!! Don't miss out.

We have plenty more gigs coming up at slightly less huge venues over the next two months though. Here's a list:

» 7th March Carling Academy Islington
» 15th March The Living Bar, Brixton
» 7th April Monto Water Rats, Kings Cross
      (Amnesty International Benefit)
» 12th April The Good Ship, Kilburn
» 20th April Betsey Trotwood, Clerkenwell (tbc)
» 9th May Lark in the Park, Islington (tbc)

If you're confused, this post is about my band, Deathline. Where have you been?

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